We are pleased to announce a wonderful transition and the launch of our new website:



Future First was created in January 2014 as the new space for the important work initiated at the first Women’s Congress for Future Generations in Moab, UT 2012. Future First takes the work of the Women’s Congress forward by putting the principles of the Declaration into action.

Beginning September 2014 we will house all of our Monthly Briefing materials on our new website. Visit the new site to have access to all Past and Future Briefings.

As we grow and transition, our vision remains the same: to mobilize a groundswell of courageous citizens to act individually and collectively, raising a united voice of caring for Mother Earth. We call for a paradigm shift in policies, laws, alliances and norms to ones that support sustainability, justice and interconnection for a world in which present and future generations can thrive.

We are grateful and humbled by your commitment to making the world healthy and beautiful for both Future and Present Generations!




Next monthly briefing June 12th with author and international environmental and peace advocate Osprey Orielle Lake!

We continue the discussion on women-led direct action and what different women are doing to address the environmental/climate crisis of our time.

Join us next week as we share in a discussion with author and international environmental and peace advocate, Osprey Orielle Lake!

As founder of the Women’s Earth & Climate Network, a project of the Women’s Earth Climate Caucus, she will speak about WECAN’s guiding principles, the role of women in the climate justice movement, and some of the Direct Actions that have come out of their work. The Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network (formerly IWECI) is a solutions-based, multi-faceted effort established to engage women worldwide to take action as powerful stakeholders in climate change and sustainability solutions (Fact Sheet for this call: Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (a project of WECC) Fact Sheet_June 12 2014) 

Date: June 12, 2014 

Time: Noon (Central Time) 

Dial-In information: RSVP to KButler@FutureFirst.us

Full Announcement here: June 12 Monthly Briefing announcement

Northern California Hub will Lead May 8th Briefing Series!

Join Us! Thursday, May 8th as we continue our focus on women-led direct action and how different women lead the call to act!

The Northern California Hub of the Women’s Congress for Future Generations will lead us in a conversation about how they came together, the ways they have engaged with the Declaration of the Rights Held By Future Generations, and the culmination of their efforts so far: An outline guide for communities and individuals who wish to bring this conversation into their own community.

Thursday, May 8 @ Noon (central time)

RSVP to kaitlinannbutler[at]gmail.com for the dial-in information.

April 10 briefing call Resources Now Available

Thank you to Pennie Opal Plant and all the participants on last week’s briefing series call! For those of you who were unable to join, an audio recording of the call as well as resources and a fact sheet are now available.

Visit our Past Briefings page to access these resources, as well as any of the past calls.

Join us for our next briefing, May 8th, which will be lead by the Northern California Circle of the Women’s Congress, which formed shortly after the first WC gathering. They will share their active engagement with each other and the Declaration, and how they are bringing these ideas into their own community.

Until next time!

Join us: Idle No More – Organizing and Inspiring Community

It’s spring, everything is in bloom, and it is time we too move our conversations out of the conceptual realm and into the realm of organization and action! In the next several calls we will listen to various women speak about their experience with women-led direct action and how different women lead the call to act. Join us:

Thursday, April 10, 2014 at Noon central time (10am PT; 11am MT; 1pm ET). 

for a discussion on

Idle No More: Organizing and Inspiring Communities

Presented by Pennie Opal Plant, organizer for Idle No More SF Bay, owner of the Gathering Tribes art gallery.

The call will begin promptly at Noon (central time) and will last one hour. RSVP to kaitlinannbutler@gmail.com for the dial-in information and fact sheet. For those of you new to the briefing series, you can read more about the series here, listen to past briefing series audio recordings and resources, and explore other ways people have brought the Declaration into their communities. Join the conversation! Spread the word! Feel free to write me with any comments or questions. Much love.

Next briefing series call April 10, 2014

We are taking a break from the briefing series calls this month.

Our next call will be April 10th so mark your calendars!

We have spent the winter ruminating on concepts and definitions. In the spirit of spring, we will begin to shift the conversation towards women-led engagement and action.

I came across this poem while visiting the (most beautiful) website of a fellow sister and photographer, Filiz Telek and her series call “medicineWomen“:

Let the Earth feel you, see you,

hold your restless, 



Seep into the soil. 

You will come back perfected. 

That which you always were. 

What is Guardianship?

Today we held a briefing series call around the concept of Guardianship.

We discussed a new ethic emerging: that present generations have a responsibility to protect the rights of future generations. We discussed what this new ethic invites, from new government institutions to the way we think about our roles as present generations; the legacy we leave generations far in the future, but also the legacy we leave for tomorrow. Visit our past briefings page for resources and an audio recording of today’s call.

Much love. Always lots of that.