We need your input!

Please make comments on the draft of the Declaration of the Rights Held By Future Generations! We need your input and suggestions! Thank you! 


4 comments on “We need your input!

  1. Constance Arana Jones says:

    Absolutely YES–and much gratitude to the leadership team for their dedication and fine work!

  2. Anne Hemenway says:

    Anne Hemenway

  3. Carolyn, et al,

    Thanks for your work on this wonderful project. I whole-heartedly agree with everything said in the draft except for the responsibility to “restore and regenerate ecological systems.” All sorts of bad things are being done in the name of “restoring” the environment. Toxic chemicals used to “restore” native fish wipe out whole aquatic ecosystems, the BLM is planning to aerial spray herbicides on millions of acres of land to eradicate “invasive” plant species in the name of “restoring” the land, BP used a toxic dispersant to try to clean up Gulf oil spill, to name a few.

    Possibly you could add the caveat “using non-toxic means” to the responsibility to restore ecosystems, but this would not address the Forest Service’s plan to remove 90% of the trees from many forests in a misguided effort to “restore” the forests to some previous imagined utopian time. They plan to accomplish this by doing a lot of burning which will further harm the environment by increasing CO2 and global warming. Unfortunately, the Forest Service approach to “restoration” employs the same overly aggressive, we-know-what’s-best attitude that has caused environmental harm in the first place. It is this attitude, feeling entitled to “have their way with Mother nature,” that needs to change.

    More important than physical restoration, we need attitudinal restoration (and/or creation) whereby the environment is revered, respected, and appreciated for what it is NOW. Perhaps better wording than a responsibility to “restore and regenerate” would be a responsibility to respect, protect, and nurture ecological systems.

  4. I signup to support it

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