Commitment to the Rights of Future Generations

Do you feel compelled to speak on behalf of Future Generations? 

We ask that you sign on to the Declaration by adding your name and affiliation in the comments section.

Commitment to the Rights of Future Generations

I acknowledge these Principles that inform the Covenant between Future Generations and Present Generations. I acknowledge these Rights held by Future Generations, which I see as inalienable. I recognize these Responsibilities held by Present Generations. Beginning with myself, here and now, as a member of the Present Generation, I commit to:

Respecting myself and enlivening my days with wonder, gratitude, and humility;

Striving to establish respect and equality in my relationships with all other beings;

Holding an abiding sense of humility by acknowledging we are all members of interdependent communities, and by so doing, I commit to honoring and creating space for each and every community to speak on its own behalf, on behalf of its own Future Generations;

Working from the core values of respect, relationship, radical inclusion, and reciprocity;

Engaging my responsibilities as an opportunity, not a burden; as a way to expand my ability to respond and create positive change in the world, and as an opportunity to expand myself;

I commit to honor and uphold all relationships in the Earth community so that we may leave a healthy, humane and beautiful world to Future Generations.








31 comments on “Commitment to the Rights of Future Generations

  1. wcffg says:

    Danielle Nierenberg

  2. Yes! Sherri Seidmon Science & Environmental Health Network

  3. Lisa Renstrom says:


  4. Sandy (Flahie) Cornell

  5. Mathilde Rand says:

    I am a WILPF member and am presently part of the CATour that facilitates workshops with local WILPF branches with 3 other people who went to the Women’s Congress on 2012.

  6. Krista Bowers says:


  7. Joanne Rand says:

    Joanne Rand, Homefire Productions

  8. Nancy Kurtz says:

    Nancy Kurtz, poet, healer, singer

  9. I sign on with all my being! Kinde Nebeker, Salt Lake City, Utah

  10. Kaitlin Butler says:

    Yes! Kaitlin Butler, Global Catastrophic Risk Institute and Women’s Congress, Salt Lake City, UT

  11. Beautiful!
    Kayla R. Roberts

  12. wcffg says:

    Your name has appeared, Nancy. Thanks!

  13. Nora L. Jamieson

  14. Vicki Sievers says:

    A pleasure to sign!

  15. I'm in. Robert Riman says:

    Robert Riman

  16. Yes for EcoBirth-Women for Earth and Birth

  17. Alex says:

    Eek– I spelled my own name wrong.

    Alex Eisenberg
    North Bend, WA.

  18. Bindu Panikkar says:


  19. Cathryn Raphael Cordray says:

    Cathryn Raphael Cordray

  20. Barbara Ford says:

    Barbara Ford
    Portland, Oregon

  21. Celia Alario says:

    Thanks! – Celia Alario, Moab, UT USA

  22. Bernard Pollack says:

    Bernard Pollack, Chicago, IL

  23. Wendy Priesnitz says:

    Wendy Priesnitz, editor
    Natural Life Magazine
    Toronto, Canada

  24. Linda Morrison says:

    Working together to nuture ourselves, unto the seventh generation. Yes!!

    Linda Morrison
    Güéjar Sierra, Granada

  25. Vicki DiIoia says:

    Very Grateful this is coming into Being…..

    Vicki DiIoia
    Birthing Cultural Change

  26. Constance Arana Jones says:

    Absolutely YES!

  27. you can add my name to the list

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