Commitment to the Rights of Future Generations

Robin Milam has suggested the following changes to the commitment. Please let us know if you’re okay with by responding in the comments. Thanks!

My reading of this sounds as though Future Generations is only people … you refer to all other beings but you also commit to creating space for each and every community to speak on its own behalf – that presumes all elements of community can do that.  The non-human elements of our earth community cannot speak for themselves.  I would be much more comfortable if you were to add a reference that makes it more explicit with respect to human and non-human members of our earth community.

I acknowledge these Principles that inform the Covenant between Future Generations and Present Generations. I acknowledge these Rights held by Future Generations − human and non-human, which I see as inalienable. I recognize these Responsibilities held by Present Generations. Beginning with myself, here and now, as a member of the Present Generation, I commit to:

Respecting myself and enlivening my days with wonder, gratitude, and humility;

Striving to establish respect and equality in my relationships with all other beings;

Holding an abiding sense of humility by acknowledging we are all members of interdependent communities, and by so doing, I commit to honoring and creating space for each and every community to speak on its own behalf, on behalf of its own Future Generations; for those natural communities who cannot speak for themselves,  I commit to serving as a conscious guardian speaking on their behalf;

Working from the core values of respect, relationship, radical inclusion, and reciprocity;

Engaging my responsibilities as an opportunity, not a burden; as a way to expand my ability to respond and create positive change in the world, and as an opportunity to expand myself;

I commit to honor and uphold all relationships in the Earth community so that we may leave a healthy, harmonious, and beautiful world to Future Generations.




2 comments on “Commitment to the Rights of Future Generations

  1. Marilyn Rowe says:

    This is wonderful – where do I sign besides already in my heart!? Namasté all, Marilyn xo

  2. wcffg says:

    Thank you Marilyn!

    You may “sign” by adding your name and affiliation in the comments section here:

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