Rights of Nature Briefing Series and our new “Resources” page!

We have two exciting announcements this week!

Join us tomorrow for our Second Briefing Series Call on Rights of Nature: 

Join us tomorrow, October 10th, 2013 at noon Central Time (10am PT; 11am MT; 1pm ET) for a briefing on the Rights of Nature, presented by Robin Milam, Administrative Director of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature.

We will examine the key tenets of Rights of Nature, the rights-based approach, and our responsibilities to our earth community in the context of Rights and Responsibilities for Future Generations.

Please RSVP to Kaitlin Butler, Program Coordinator, at kaitlinannbutler@gmail.com with your plans to attend.

Check out our new Resources page:

Since the first convening of, regional groups, individuals, and other organizations have begun utilizing the Declaration and moving the ideas into action in their communities. They use the living document as a basis for improvisation, adding nuance and harmony between the working ideas and their community so that the Declaration can better meet their objectives.

We are beginning to compile these products from communal engagement with the Declaration to serve as guiding resources for others who wish to conduct a similar process but don’t know where to start. Please visit the Resources page for continual updates, as they are created by the ever-widening circle adding their voices to these statements.