We are pleased to announce a wonderful transition and the launch of our new website:



Future First was created in January 2014 as the new space for the important work initiated at the first Women’s Congress for Future Generations in Moab, UT 2012. Future First takes the work of the Women’s Congress forward by putting the principles of the Declaration into action.

Beginning September 2014 we will house all of our Monthly Briefing materials on our new website. Visit the new site to have access to all Past and Future Briefings.

As we grow and transition, our vision remains the same: to mobilize a groundswell of courageous citizens to act individually and collectively, raising a united voice of caring for Mother Earth. We call for a paradigm shift in policies, laws, alliances and norms to ones that support sustainability, justice and interconnection for a world in which present and future generations can thrive.

We are grateful and humbled by your commitment to making the world healthy and beautiful for both Future and Present Generations!