About the Briefing Series

What is a ‘Declaration Briefing Series’?:

At the Moab Congress in 2012, we mapped possibilities and pathways toward achieving whole health and justice in this generation and in generations to come. One piece that emerged out of the gathering was a Declaration of the Rights Held by Future Generations and Bill of Responsibilities for Present Generations.
This document is a living document, to be amended in perpetuity, as an ever-widening circle add their voices to these statements. Its strength lies in its flexibility to be debated, amended, edited and applied, in our work and in our communities.

What are the goals and benefits of these calls?:

The Declaration Briefing Series is envisioned as a way to delve deeper into the document, expand ideas, share the document, and most importantly: to find ways of translating these working ideas into concrete action.
To move toward this goal, during each call we will:

  • Convene a conversation around a key concept underpinning the document, facilitated each month by a member of the Women’s Congress with expertise to share on the discussion topic.
  • Provide each participant with fact sheets, to be used as resources for utilizing the concepts and bringing them into your own community.
  • There will be an audio recording of each call, available to share and refer to for outreach in your own community, or for those who are unable to attend the call.

When will these calls happen?:

In honor of our one year anniversary, we will be holding our first call on Thursday, September 26th, 2013 at noon Central Time (1pm EST).

We will then convene a call every second Thursday of the month, at noon Central Time (10am PT, 11am MT, 1pm ET). 

What topics will be covered?:

There are three overarching parts to the series that flow from the conceptual to the operational: (Part 1) Underlying Frameworks, (Part 2) Laws and Policies, and (Part 3) Institutions and Systems.

In Part 1 we will set the stage, both emotionally and intellectually, for engaging with the Declaration by exploring concepts and frameworks that go beyond normative concepts of time, space, and interconnectedness. Topics include Rights of Nature, Collective Liberation, and The Work That Reconnects. 

In Part 2 we will look at how these concepts can be woven into governance through laws and policies. Topics include Ecological Economics, the Commons, Free, Prior and Informed Consent, and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights. 

In Part 3 we will explore how to translate this work into tangible political, social, and artistic action through new institutions, new systems, new relationships. Topics include Guardianship, Ombudsmanship, and Artistic Action as expressions of this work, amongst others.

Scheduled topics are subject to change. Please email Kaitlin Butler, Program Coordinator, at kaitlinannbutler@gmail.com to receive updates on upcoming conversation topics.

Thank you all for your continued commitment to be a guardian of future generations. Talk to you soon!


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